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About Atena Gallery

Located in the heart of Hanoi, Atena Gallery is a prestigious and reliable address known by friends who love art at home and abroad. In its activities, Atena Gallery always tries to find faces of talented and promising contemporary artists, and together expresses the desire for a single voice in the rich and rich life of painting. Vietnamese traditional culture today. As a companion who loves and cherishes artistic work, Atena Gallery always takes advantage of every opportunity to welcome and support young talents.

Through many exhibitions at Atena Gallery, artists and art critics have shared their views on art for the future development of Vietnamese Painting.
We would like to express our gratitude to the artists: Ha Tri Hieu, Hoang Duy Vang, Hoang Hong Cam,, Tung Ngoc, Le Van Minh, Tran Van Duc, Tran Viet Phu, Vu Thang, Pham Hong Son, Hoang. Duc Dung, Tran Gia Tung, Nguyen Truong Linh, Van Chien, Mai Duy Minh, etc ... and many other painters have helped and always accompany Atena Gallery.
About Atena Gallery



Packing & Shipping

We ship by air via UPS, DHL or Fedex, door to door. Please note that you will be responsible for any import duties


There are different payment options like cash, bank transfer, Visa or Master card


Painting should be kept in direct sunlight or high humidity. The air environment is ideal