Year by
: 2018
: Oil on canvas
: 160cm x 110cm
: sold
Bui Quoc Khanh

About the artist Bui Quoc Khanh

  • Date of birth :1983 
  • Master of Fine Arts, Vietnam Fine Arts University
  • Lecturer of Hanoi Arts Colleges
  • 2014: Graduated from Vietnam Fine Arts University
  • 2017: Graduated Master degree from Vietnam Fine Arts University
  • Paticipate in annual exhibition  of fine arts Faculty, Hanoi Arts colleges from 2008 to present
  • 2014 Group exhibition "Just Finished" at Vietnam Fine Arts museum
  • Join in The first Mountain Star project
  • Mountain Star I Fine Art Exhibition "Star Light" at Heritage space in Hanoi.
  • Contemporary Art Group Exhibition "Vietnam - Thailand" at 29 Hang Bai.
  • Hanoi Art Fair at Hang Da Market
  • 2015 Exhibition "Mountain Star" in Tainan, Taiwan.
  • Vietnam Contemporary Art Exhibition "Bareland" at Kaohsiung City Cultural Center, Taiwan.
  • Join the second Mountain Star project.
  • Art Exhibition Mountain Star II "Sac Đa" at 29 Hang Bai.
  •  2016  Third Mountain Star project
- Art Exhibition Mountain Star III "Flow" at 29 Hang Bai.
- "Chrome of Rock" Contemporary Art Exhibition in Kaohsiung City Cultural Center, Taiwan.
  • 2017 Third Mountain Star Pilot.
  • Contemporary Vietnamese art exhibition "the Flow" at Kaohsiung City Cultural Center, Taiwan.
Works are collected at Taiwan Government Art Center, Fonya gallery Taiwan, ChengTo auction house China ...
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